Question I would like to upgrade my raid 0 ssd nvme, to a bigger and faster raid 0 ssd nvme.

Feb 22, 2019
I've never done this before, and failed to google.
From what I understand I can just mirror everything, and replace drives and I am done.

Can i use Dual Slots RAID Enclosure? Set it to raid 0, mirror (do i use soft?).
And when I stick new drives into my computer, they will be bootable and work as raid 0 with my internal controller (maybe i add them as raid 0 first).

WIll everything will be recognized?
Any tricks to mirroring?


Jan 21, 2010
Nothing of value to add here, but I came in search of a solution to this very dilemma.

I've ~2 yr old build with 2x NVME 256gb cards in raid 0 that I want to upgrade to 2x 1TB cards. This process frightens me.

I hope you (now we!) get a good response on this. Thanks in advance to anyone with something to add.

EDIT: Just thinking aloud here. The cheap route would be to figure out how to copy/clone boot drive to external storage, set up a bootable USB of some kind, install replacement NVMEs in raid, restore, cross fingers.

A more expensive option, but perhaps better: buy enclosures for new drives, set them up in RAID 0, clone the existing raid 0 boot drive to new one, shutdown, replace drives, cross fingers. Not cheap, but you'd have these enclosures to continue to use the old drives, I guess?

EDIT 2: I just saw you already mentioned using an enclosure to attempt this. Oops. Good luck if you try this - I hope it works.
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As long as you don't mess up your old data you can play with it. it might work. you can try using a bootable distro and clone each disk to the new one.

If you have all your data that you need just doing a clean install might be best.


Image the raid0 to an internal drive then replace the m2's and restore the image, expanding the main partition in the process.
Macrium Reflect Free version is great at this and will even create a Recovery flash drive for you to boot from to restore the image.