Question i10700k + NH-D15 temps

Jul 19, 2020
Hello guys it's my first post/question here.

I just put together my new setup couple days ago including i10700k and Noctuas NH-D15 cooler and i'm wondering are my temps normal for this setup.
I'm running CPU 5,0ghz on all cores LLC 4 Vcore 1,340 -2AVX and temps peak 86-90c in Realbench. Stress test passes fine but i'm worried about the temps.
For example in PUBG or 3dMark Time Spy the cpu temps peak ~80c.
I bought this cooler because it has very good reputation and temps seem high to me.

I used the thermal paste that came with the cooler. Haven't re applied paste yet but i made sure the mount is tight enough.

I have Asus Prime Z490-P mb and i've disabled MCE.
I linked the picture of my fan setup in to the post and i think the airflow should be ok. Ambient temp is pretty high 27c now.

If anyone has setup like me i'd like to know your temps or if you have any advices for me. Thank you!

setup image.
Looks good to me.
Temperatures start with ambient.
At 27c.(80f.), you are going to run hotter than most.
At idle, I would expect to see you 37c. to 45c. normally.
Much higher and you might remount the cooler.
The supplied paste is excellent. Do hot use too much, a rice sized drop in the center will spread out under heat and pressure. The noctua mounting system is simple and largely fool proof.
Your case fan arrangement looks perfect.
As to asus overclocking, I can't advise.
Just monitor vcore and keep it reasonable. Your 1.35v is ok.

Stress tests are just that... stress apps.
They are designed to make things hot via the type of instructions they use such as avx.
Under normal conditions, you will not be using such instructions.
80c. seems ok for cpu intensive apps.
Try a simple stress test using the cpu-Z stress test.
Monitor with HWmonitor.
The cpu will monitor it's temperatures and will slow down or shut off if it senses a dangerous temperature.
That is around 100c.