I3 2120 performance?


Jan 3, 2012
I am on a budget and I want to know how well the i3 2120 performs in games especially BF3 multiplayer on large maps with 64 players

Its only a dual core but i hear it beats everything AMD has to offer within the price range. I am asking to see if anybody has played BF3 multiplayer on this cpu or has any benchmarks of multiplayer for it.

Specs of system below.

i3 2120
Biostar h61GMC (maybe Z68 for Ivy)
8gb Ram
1tb hdd
win7 home 64

Please list some performance links below and please dont recommend me go with an AMD Faildozer ( they have no upgrade that is worth it) and dont recommend me go with an i5 2500 (If my money would allow it i would but it doesn't)

I also want to know is it worth it to buy this and upgrade to an ivy down the road?



any objective benchmarking for BF3 will be in single player mode. you can cruise Utube and see what people SAY they have, i find it "surprising" to get 45 fps with an i3 2100 and HD 6770 as one person claims.

Benchmark Results: Battlefield 3

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the i3 2120 is a great budget gaming CPU period.

btw, you do not need to have an Z68 motherboard to upgrade to ivy, many H61/7 and P67 boards will support ivy bridge cpus with a bios upgrade. check the manufacturers site for which ones.