[SOLVED] i3 7020u how increase performance

Nov 28, 2019
Hello! I won a Lenovo Ideapad 330, with i3 7020u processor, i was looking to increase its performance, it comes with 4gb ram so i already bought 1x 4gb ram stick to enable dual channel (now it's 2x4 8gb 2133mhz ) and switched the original HDD for one SSD. Now how could i increase the cpu performance? Is there a way to overclock it or something like that? I checked bios and theres no option to play with multiplier. Ah, I also changed the original thermal compound with a good aftermarket solution. I want to play light games there, like wow classic, league of legends.. I know probably i wont get too much from it, but it already do kinda great on these tasks, yet i wanted to squeeze a little bit more from it.