Question i3 8100 on Gigabyte H110M-H.

Apr 25, 2019
I work as a system administrator in a home appliances company, there was an immediate requirement for 3 desktops, i gave all the details to the vendor, he sent i3 8100 and updated gigabyte H110M-H with bios version C4. (This bios version is nowhere available on official Gigabyte site!!!)
Various websites mentioned that 8th gen require 300 series MB.
Vendor says it works. I went ahead and assembled the pc, installed Win10x64, paired with 16 gig transcend 2400 RAMs(DDR4).
Everything is working perfectly, i didn't find any issues. What worries me is it safe? Why is it not officially supported ? Will there be any bios update in the future?
Should I send them back and get 310?
(Country - India, Bangalore)


No offence, but you being a system administrator, if I was your employer I'd ask you to find another occupation. That board does NOT support that processor. That board should see only a 6th or a 7th gen Intel Core i processor. You're going to need a 300 series chipset to work with the 8th gen processors. Just because it works, doesn't mean it's alright. On another note, you might want to meet up with the vendor and literally throw the board on his face.

FYI, that board doesn't have BIOS version F4 but it's got BIOS version higher up than that. Unless ofc you're looking a different board than the Gigabyte H110M-H.
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