Question i3 9100f rx 570 or i5 9400f gtx 1050ti


Apr 5, 2020
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Which reminds me of how happy I felt after I found how better it can be if one builts the PC by himself instead.

I wish I could say something better about the 1050 Ti itself, but nowadays it is just another mid-end gpu. A 1060 3 GB 'd beat both of these gpus when it comes to no more than 3 GB ram, but it's different nowadays. For the 570 I have almost no idea what it represents, except for being close to a 1060 3 GB. The i3 9100f is nice, but more often you can find games that benefit pretty well with more than 4 cores, esp. the newest ones and there i5-9400F may literally equalize the results.

You actually can see some videos in youtube that directly compare them (GPU vs GPU, CPU v CPU), also even find how they work for the games you are specifically interested in. The difference 'd be the average between the relations. It's hard to realistically say the winner just right now and even this way, as the compensation that the 6-core 9400F can give, in case there is proper optimization, can equalize the overall results. So expect close fps if the game's requirements mention that more than 4-core cpu is recommended (or even "minimum" but I doubt there's a game with a minimum of 6+ cores).

What 'd I personally do? I'd most likely go i5-9400F+1050 Ti, and later upgrade the GPU as pretty much just a 1060 6 GB can be a high performance gain while not very PSU-demanding (even if they sell u potato PSU, you still 'd be OK) and can be found cheap. And changin' a GPU is easier and safer than changing a cpu.

In fact, are you in a hurry? With the release of new gpus the prices are constantly falling down and if you can wait, better offers may appear.

With these things said I 'd say it hard to say there is a perfect, absolute winner of these two. Neither combo is really perfectly better. I guess the 1050 Ti's combo is cheaper.
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are you able to link us to the options you are choosing from? those two options make you choose one thing that really isnt acceptable.

4 cores just isnt enough for modern gaming and the rx570 is the minimum most would recommend for a gpu for an enjoyable experience.