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Question i3 9100f vs i5 9400f vs used r5 1600?

Jun 6, 2020
Hi everyone. I'm trying to build a new computer, and PC parts are pretty expensive in my country. I want to play 3A games, some CEMU, and I will eventually use programs like Matlab and AutoCAD (but I might be able to upgrade before that).
The 9100f is around $90 new and not much cheaper used, 9400f is around $200 used and new (lol), and the 1600 is available used for around $150.
Also, motherboards are ~$80-100 for intel (H310M/B360), and ~100-130 for AMD (A320/B450).
There's also the 3200g but its $130 and I already have a GPU so that's a rob.


Aug 4, 2019
Feels like you live where I do.

As for your question I would really avoid de intel CPU, and instead focus on AMD. A decent B450 motherboard + the best Ryzenn 5 you can afford (1600, 1600AF, 2600, 3600).

Atleast with a B450 motherboard you will be able to update later on for example to a Ryzen 5 3600 or even a Ryzen 4xxx after a BIOS update, and for a reasonable price compared to intel, lately where I live intel prices are all over the place.

If you can get the Ryzen 5 2600 for the same price as the i5 9400F, then I would pick the Ryzen 5 2600 every day. For any of this chips you are going to need a discrete GPU.


I agree with @RodroX - the extra threads that the Ryzen 1600/1600AF/2600/3600 are going to give you better long-term usability than the Intel CPUs.

Skip the 9100f or 3200g. Both of those are 4-core, 4-thread only.

It would be better to go with the AMD chip and a B450 board, even though it costs a bit more. Then you probably won't have to upgrade any time in the near future.

While I agree that faster RAM is better for Ryzen - you don't necessarily need to necessarily be at 3000MHz or above. My son's PC is using 3200MHz RAM, but his CPU (1600AF) won't work faster than 3066MHz for the RAM. A friend of mine is using a 2600X, and running 2933MHz RAM and getting good performance.
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