I3 & i5 same motherboard


Jan 5, 2010
Im am getting a corei5 or i3 some time soon, I have looked at Mobo's soc 1156 but some motherboards say that it does not support i3 but it does support i5 and i7. Wont a i3 work on the mobo or is it the side that was create before i3's or what? must it say supports i3 on the 1156 or can you use i3 on any 1156. Or si it the Max PSU it surports? im so confused


Sep 9, 2009
Some of the "old" P55 boards will not support the new Clarkdale chips (i5 6xx, i3) without a BIOS update. I don't know if all boards have produced a BIOS update, some have, but there may be others that just don't support the chip.

For those P55 boards that can now support Clarkdale chips - you would have to make sure your board comes with the appropriate BIOS applied because if it came with the old BIOS there'd be no way for you to update it, without getting your hands on an i5 750 or i7 8xx.

Also, the P55 boards do not support the integrated GPU of the Clarkdale chips. You'll need a separate graphics card.