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I3 vs a6-2600 for media encoding


Oct 14, 2011
I'm looking at video encoding and creation as my primary need for a more powerful processing solution (I currently still have Athlon 2600+, 1gb ram, and Nvidia 6200, can you believe it, and am getting about 3 hour encode time for 90 min of video).

My question is whether to go for the i3 that has more processing juice, or with the new A6-2600 that has more graphic power. Is the 2 core vs 4 core an issue, even though the intel cores work much better than the AMD ones?

I"m on a limited budget. I"m also in Canada where the difference between i3 and i5 is still significant. The a6 and i3 are both available in pre-built systems for about the same money.

I"m not a gamer.

Many thanks

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