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Question I5 10400F cooler make lound sound every 10 minutes in idle state

Jul 5, 2021
I just bought PC for about 1 000$.

The specs are:
Name: Acer Aspire TC-895
CPU: Intel i5 10400F Comet Lake 4.3 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB
RAM: 8GB DDR4, 2 133 MHz
OS: Windows 10 Home
Ambient room air temp: 26-28 °C

When I run PC, it has idle temperature of CPU about 40 °C slowly going to 50 °C (during cca 10 minutes) and then cooler starts humming (make loud sound). There is stock cooler, I didn't buy another...Then after about one minute it cools down to 40 °C again and everything "repeat". Let me repeat again, that this is behaviour when idle - only desktop is shown and no application (like browser, games etc.) are runnig. Is it normal? In idle?? For me it sound strange, that about every 10 minutes cooler starts to make that loud sound. Also I read on internet, that idle temp should be about 30 °C (And for my PC it is almost "impossible" to go so low with temp...). If I look at HW monitor (NZXT CAM ), I see, that up to 50 °C cooler has about 800 RPM and then during that "high speed" cooling it has about 2500 RPM. Is it normal?

I am afraid, because it is new computer, considered as gaming computer (even not the most powerful one...). Should I complaint it to PC store? I have now 10 day, when I can get full money back if i return it...

Let me also notice, that during playing 3D game (kingdom come) cpu temp goes above 80 °C during few minutes (I haven't play it for longer time, so I don't know what will happen with CPU temp if I play it for let's say 2 hours...)

Thanks for every advice! :)
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Ambient room air temps? For a stock cooler, yes those temps and that behavior seem normal. You could try and see what BIOS version you're on at the time of writing. You can use CPU-Z to check BISO version under Mainboard tab>BIOS section. Following that, take a note of the OS version, if you're on Windows 10. FYI, the stock cooler after the 9th generation weren't really that good.