Question I5 10400F has 6 cores but shows 2 cores

Mar 8, 2021
I recently bought a PC a few weeks back but due to no graphic card i got to use it today
The specs are
i5 10400F
8gb 2666 ram
h410mh gigabyte board
and gtx 960
i opened task manager and found out it was showing 2 cores while the processer has 6 cores
i used specy and cpuz and they both showed my processer had 2 cores and 4 threads
i used msconfig boot optioned and it showed same
i bought the cpu pin pack new idk whats wrong can someone help please
Go to the boot option where you can set the number of threads you have.
the box where you can select the number of threads should be left unchecked.
That will give you the max number of available threads.
I might guess that for whatever reason, the box is checked and you have specified 2 threads.
The number of processors should always be 1.

There is a possibility that you bought a fake processor.