Question i5 12600k and 2400mhz ram


Jan 16, 2017
Hello everyone, thanks for helping. I am a competitive csgo and valorant player, so my goal is higher fps. I am upgrading to i5 12600k. I currently have i7 7700k with 16Gb (2x8) 2400Mhz C16 Vengeance LPX. I will keep my GTX 1080Ti. Is it a bad idea to keep my ram too? Would the performance (fps) be significantly lower?

If it is recommended to upgrade the ram, would 16Gb (2x8) 3200Mhz C16 Vengeance LPX be fine?
I assume so considering that the Alder Lake RAM guide concludes that "If you want to play it safe, stick with DDR4-3200. DDR4-3200 should always be your baseline for Alder Lake since it's the guaranteed data rate for Gear 1. Don't settle for anything less. DDR4-3600 is doable on most processors, while DDR4-4000 is for the fearless. Aim for the tightest timings that your budget allows, such as C14".

Thank you all!
That's a very specific situation which makes it very difficult to answer.

Especially because you're asking for the newest generation of CPUs, no one has done this specific research (or published it). It's hard to say whether your performance will increase and if it will, by how much. I can find some older videos (3-5 years old) that are comparing differences in performance. The most recent video I can find on it, is done with a AMD Ryzen 3600 chip (that I'll link below). Thing is, no videos really compare including different Cas Latencies. One does, but they also change the MHz, not just the Cas Latency.

Long story short: You won't know until you try. My expectations are that changing RAM kits won't net you a big difference. Maybe a couple FPS, which probably won't be at all noticeable on a 12th gen CPU. You can find more videos about it, just search for "csgo ram speed".

Last second addition: Found a good video that compares different speeds and RAM timings. Reminder though, this test is also done on an AMD platform, which favors high speed RAM more than Intel does.




Hope any of this helps. Feel free to post any follow up questions!