Question I5 12600k frequency unstable


Jul 6, 2016
I just built my last night and started doing some small tests (I had not much time). The temps of CPU and GPU are good but the frequency of cpu isnt stable, even drops to 0.45 at times. Base speed is 3,70. I did some fps test In minecraft offline my fps was around 120fps but drops to under 60 and was unstable even after a while. (online server is was around 400-500 fps)

Later today i will do some other tests but does anybody have some explanation?

I5 12600k
Asrock z690m-itx
Zotac rtx 3070
Coolermaster sfx 750w
Coolermaster nr200p
Corsair 32gb 3200 cl16
Be quiet dark rock tf2

Thank you!



Run CPU-Z and watch what speed your P and E cores are running at while Cinebench is running. The speed should stay consistent for the entire test. If it drops down half way through the test, that could be a sign of power limit throttling. The default power limits might not be enough for consistent maximum speed. The PL1 and PL2 turbo power limits can be increased in the BIOS.

Some itx boards have terrible cooling for the voltage regulators. This can also cause throttling and decreases in performance.

Does CPU-Z detect 6 P cores and 4 E cores?

Your Cinebench R23 score is definitely too low for a 12600K so there seems to be some sort of throttling going on.

You can also use HWiNFO when Cinebench testing. It can show any reasons for throttling.