Question i5-13600kf with Cooler Master Hyper H412R ?


Jun 22, 2016
Hi guys.

I'm well aware that the H412R is not sufficient to cool the 13600kf. I moved it from a different system.
Does anyone have experience with this cooler and its performance with the 13600kf?

Before I replace it I would like to hear some different opinions.

I tried stress testing the cpu. That certainly doesn't hold up. Not that I expected it to. Reaches 100C very quickly.
As for regular gaming, its okay after a long period of time and as the room gets warmer it does reach about 85C but I haven't really seen it reach 90C but once. I could add another intake to the front and exhaust fan to the top to potentially improve airflow.

What do you guys think I should do with this cooler or what should I upgrade to at a reasonable price ?

Thanks in advance.

Deepcool coolers are a pretty good budget choice.

Check height to confirm your choice will fit in the width of whatever tower case you have. It's conceivable your case is terrible and a new cooler won't help as much as you'd hope.

Noctua is another somewhat better choice, but your budget may prevent?

You'd have to speculate how much more case fans/better airflow would help as compared to a new cooler.

Another option is to tell yourself that hitting 90 only once when gaming is not a cause for alarm. Maybe you can't get yourself to accept that?
You could reasonably do nothing.
Normal gaming is not going to stress many cores.
Occasionally reaching 100c and even the occasional throttle is not all bad.

What is the make/model of your case?
What is your current case fan arrangement?

Do you have a budget to improve cooling?
$40 buys you a thermalright peerless asassin:
$120 buys you the top of the line in air coolers, noctua nh-D15.