I5 2400 or i5 3550 / best mobo


May 17, 2012
hi, im upgrading some parts of my computer, i was wondering 2400 or 3550?
im basically gonna use it for gaming/streaming and normal day use fb yt skype msn...
i will not OC and im gonna use it with a 9600gt (for the moment, ill upgrade soon)
i dont play bf3 crysis or those games, basically left4dead2 and sc2 and diablo3 might be the only heavy games ill play, i want to choose between 2400 or 3550... and what good motherboard will work, dont wanna go that cheap either... mobo can be as high as 130, if its less it would be awesome...
my gpu is a 9600gt, its a PCI-E 2.0 x16.. and if u can kick some 4gb-8gb ram if u can too
ill like to have a mobo that would work with my 9600 gt and that if in the future i upgrade it(gpu) the mobo would handle it...
thanks in advance
mobo choosing really depends on what you need on the mobo. for instance if your not overclocking or not going to sli, you can end up using lower end z68/z77 mobos since you have no need for all the extra capabilities the higher ones have, and spend the money elsewhere.