I5 2500k full load 62 degrees


Jan 5, 2012
hi there, ive got a i5 2500k running at 4.3 ghz with a coolermaster hyper 212 evo. temps are like 35-40 degrees when idle, when i run occt at max load and large data set they go up to 63 degrees. my first core is 58, 2nd is 63, 3rd 63, 4th is 61..... why is there a couple of temp difference between cores. and are these good temps? my vcore is at 1.06 according to OCCT. after 7 minutes of running occt my cores go up to 61,66,67,and 63.

are these bad temps? what should i do to reduce them? when im gaming im just under like 60 degrees.
what should i go?
my mobo is a gigabyte z68 a d3h b3


Apr 9, 2012
No, those temps are absolutely fine! I mean hell you have got an extra GIGAHERTZ from your CPU, that technically a 1/4 power increase, so anything less than a 1/4 heat output is oustanding.

You have an awesome cooler, if you were really really worried you could install a second fan, would drop the temp down 3-5degC, but you're well within acceptable limits for an OC'd i5!



Yes sorry I forget to mention his temps are A-OK but still the differential in core temps is kind of odd. My rigs all have the same temps across all cores.
Yeah, with my 2500K, I have 1 core (core 1, for me, when it would make more sense to be core 0, I would think) that's always 4-5C hotter than the rest , and it's been that way through two different HSF's (stock and Hyper 212 Evo). I redid the thermal paste originally with the stock cooler, to see if it would change anything, and it didn't, so I just don't worry about it.

neon neophyte

the cores being different temps is standard for sandybridge. have you seen what sandybridge looks like?


you cant expect those 4 cores to all have the same temperature. each one has a very different enviroment around it



Yeah his temps are OK so I guess I wouldn't worry. I haven't had any of the iX series so I don't really know from personal experience.