May 19, 2012
Hey everyone,

Basically, I just bought a new PC (I built it myself):
i5 2500k (running with stock cooler just for now)
ASUS p8z68v
corsair vengeance 8gb of ram 1600 mhz
gtx 285
hyper 212 plus CPU cooler
ULTRA 650W psu

I'm idling at 36/37 degrees celsius. But I ran a Prime95 stress test for 20 minutes, it went up to 68 max...

are these good temps for a stock cooler or should I be worried? thx


Aug 11, 2010
that depends a lot on your ambient temperature.

you didnt mention if you overclocked your CPU..
if its OC, these temps are OK.

if you havent OC, then the temps are still OK. prime95 artificially uses 100% CPU for all the time, so temps are bound to be a little high.
in real world, with real world apps, you ususally will get much lower temps than these....

some boards do automatic OC on the CPU's (to get advantage over other mobo makers in benchies). that is even though you didnt specify and are running the CPU at stock, the board is increasing the multiplier of all the cores during workloads.

try updating the BIOS and then monitoring thedynamic frequency of the CPU with CPU-Z software, during heavy loads.

but oveall, temps are fine.