I5 2500K VS I7 2600K/2700K


Apr 28, 2012
hey guys im from australia and new to this forum so not quite sure how it goes but ill give it a shot. im looking at building a new rig and ive got most of the components sorted except im still on the fence about the CPU. ive heard many good things about the i5 2500k (performance, price) and am wondering if i should get that CPU or the i7 2600/2700K for a little bit extra money. the main thing i use the PC for is gaming (BF3, Mass Effect 3, new games to come out later this year). i occasionly hook it up to my plasma for movies but thats about it. i will also be looking at overclocking as well. What would be the best choice? Any help is appreciated!!!!


The main thing you gain with i7 is hyperthreading which has little to no effect on gaming and movie playback.

Considering how many years hyperthreading and multi-core CPUs have been around, game developers appear to be in no hurry to write code that scales beyond the lowest common denominator number of cores so going i7 for hypothetical futureproofing may not pay off during the system's service life as a main gaming PC.