I5 2500k vs. Phenom II X6 for £500 - £60o custom pc

pro xxx assassin

Apr 15, 2011
I was wondering which of the 2 would be best for a gaming pc as well as a pc good enough to do call of duty video editing on software such as sony vegas and after effects.No matter what my pc will have 8gb of corsair vengeance as its good quality ram and the price is falling dramaticly. So, which processor would be the best and what motherboard would work well with it , many thanks for your input - reece.


the i5-2500K would be better in all situations, than even the flagship 1100T, you can compare the two here: www.anandtech.com/bench

(anandtech isn't loading for me right now).


Apr 23, 2009
It is no contest in favor of the i5. See the reviews on bit-tech - http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2011/01/03/intel-sandy-bridge-review/1 and go to gaming performance and power consumption. i5 beats the 1100T on EVERYTHING except Cinebench and wprime, and is directly related to the number of cores with only 4 cores vs 6. Plus less power consumption, even when overclocked (overclocked 1100t@4.2Ghz=369W, overclocked i5@4.9=221W!) And an overclocked i5 blows away an 1100t in every gaming or consumer use scenario.

If you are doing video work, get any Z68 series board that has Hydra so you can utilize the superior i5 video transcoding in addition to a separate gpu. If you get a P67 or lower board you will not be able to.
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Approx. Delivery £ 10.39
VAT £ 102.30
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Sorry how this pastes in its all from www.Aria.co.uk if you need to get it under £600 go with 4Gb RAM if you need to drop more get the i3 2100 instead of the i5 &/or get a 6870 instead of the 6950.