Question i5 3470 on intel h61 express motherboard?

It's an Acer motherboard and I'm not sure what the model is. It originally came from a Acer aspire x1930
It won't work... Acer does not have any BIOS updates for your X1930. A BIOS update is required to run 3rd gen Intel CPU on a H61 motherboard.

Some people had I5-2320 configurations with that Aspire X1930... that's a 95W TDP CPU.
The best you could do to upgrade the CPU is an I7-2600... it will improve performance by having a higher clock speed and 4 more threads.
Though I don't believe that CPU upgrade is worth it as you won't see that huge of an improvement. As @tennis2 said, you'd be better off building a whole new system.
Yeah, I agree that the i7-2600 is the best COMPATIBLE CPU you're going to put in that system (there was also a version of the X1930 that came with a 2nd gen i7, so that's a safe bet).

Whether the i7-2600 is worth the upgrade.....depends on the price.
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