I5 3570k or FX 8350 for Gaming/Video Rendering PC?


Jan 3, 2013
Sorry to start another Intel vs AMD thread guys, but I just can't decide which CPU to choose :( This is going to be my very first build. It's going to be MAINLY a GAMING PC, however I am going to start recording/editing gameplay videos and start making youtube commentaries. I also want to get into 3D modeling/some programming since I do want to be a video game designer, but I'm only 16 and a sophomore in high school right now. So I feel that once I do get into more of the professional stuff I could upgrade to something really high end. But that will be once I am done with high school.

Anyways, I have spent countless hours researching and looking at benchmarks for all of my parts, especially the CPU. I just can't decide which one to choose. I know the 8350 has multi-threading technology and that it would help a lot for video editing/rendering. However, I have seen benchmarks showing that the i5 3570k still beats the 8350 in most production tests, while I have also seen benchmarks that show the 8350 winning. In terms of gaming performance, they are both very close but I know the 3570k is the winner in most tests with it's dominant single-thread performance. Since gaming is the biggest priority for this PC, I'm leaning more torwards the Intel side. The AMD chip still is a very viable option, and I keep switching back and forth between the two. Intel does appeal to me more because they seem to be the more advanced company when it comes to manufacturing. The power consumption of the 8350 is a real downside. It's not a major deal though.

These are the builds that I would most likely go with for either CPU:

i5 3570k: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GrAk

FX 8350: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Eywm

I will be playing games such as Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, ARMA 2, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, and other high demanding games. I know some games are being optimized for more cores as technology advances, but a lot of people are saying that it will be a while before games go past 4 cores. I know Battlefield 3 is able to use more than 4 cores, but that's all that I know of.

Which CPU do you guys think I should go with or which one do you guys think is just the better overall CPU?

Thanks in advance guys! :)
If you do mainly 3D rendering FX8350 is better
If you do mainly gaming i5 3570k is better
I see the performance difference from both processors is relatively minimal. I see no big problem if you pick any of them.

Other things:
- Here where I live, FX8350 is about €20-€30 cheaper as i5 3570k. I tend to choose FX8350 due to the price :)
- FX8350 consumes more power than i5 3570k. I tend to choose i5 3570k due to the electricity bill :)

So...it is your choice



Feb 10, 2013
its mostly a gaming pc so i would recommend you to go for the 3570k!
if you want rendering and gaming go get an i7!dont waste your money to one 8350!(personal opinion)


May 20, 2004
If you are going to game AND record your gameplay, amd will be better. Future games are going to be more optimized when threading is concerned so your processor would handle much more than a I5. If you are going to do simple single threaded programs intel is your best best. Intel is great at single minded tasks.


Apr 11, 2013
I would say FX 8350 just because its cheaper and if u buy i5 3570k u need to buy z77 motherboard to overclock it while thats not the case with FX 8350. It has more cores what is crucial for video editing and games like crysis ( I predict that other games will follow) love processors with multi cores.


Aug 4, 2012

Take a look at this:

i5-3570k performs somewhat equal to the i7-3770k in games, as hyperthreading doesn't affect gaming performance that much, which is the only reason buying an i7-3770k over an i5-3570k.

As you can see, the FX 8350 bottlenecks the GTX 680 and the Radeon 7970. I won't recommend you buying the AMD FX 8350. It uses the old 32 nm design and becomes hot as the sun TDP is 125W, which is just hilarious for its time. While the i5-3570k only has a TDP of 77W and uses the newer 22nm design. In the end the 20-30$ more you spend on the i5-3570k will benifit you more.



Wrong, the FX8350 does not bottleneck the HD 7970...what you are comparing is too broad to be relevant, and in newer games, the numbers are much closer. Plus, I can link you to a thread where a guy with an OC'ed FX8350 is running 4 separate HD 7970s and he does not bottleneck...ever.

The CPU is only a bottleneck if it is running 100% and the GPU is not...you're not showing CPU/GPU usage...only framerates. Which can not only be misleading in some cases, it also does not give enough information to form a relevant conclusion as to GPU usage versus CPU usage at all.

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