Question I5 4460 Haswell get 1.7 or a bit more Voltage, while normal should be 1.4,how to lower it to prolong life of cpu

Mar 28, 2020
Hi all ,

I m here becouase I cant find any solution to my problem that catched my eye.
As you can see from the title I got i5 4460 Haswell 3.2 -3.4 Turbo with 4 cores uses 1.7 V

Lately I have been googling for best settings in bios for my cpu.
Unfortunaly I realised that whatever I do I wont get much of it.

ONLY thing I changed and maybe it bringed the diffrence is setting in BIOS to work all cores,per core on 34 ratio and cpu cache 34.
My goal here is have stable 3.4 Ghz per core so I can play Apex on 120 Hz Monitor(monitor can go to 144 hz)

1.Is that good?Not sure for cpu cach should it be 32 or 30?

2.Is that the reason my Voltage exceeds maximum

3.Can I lower it or not?

I will put few SC and photos of Bios settings

Hope there is some one here to help me understand this better.

pics : View:
, app in windo with more details,Bios

Bios-pic 2, bios,

This is 3 Question

My specs:

As rock z97pro3
g.skil 4 sticks 4gb 1866
Gpu:Radeon rx 4gb
ssd -os
2x hdd
power:masterwatt 650 w
Mar 28, 2020
Any1 please,I cant find this info on google..(
I have reset the bios defaullt but I still got 1.7 V in iddle...
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