Question i5 4460 with Cryorig C7 idle temp


Jun 17, 2018
Hi, I hope this is the correct sub thread for my question (apology if it's not, since this is my very own 1st post :D )

I just finished my ITX build with Silverstone SG13 case, and due to limited budget, i decided to get these following parts;
i5 4460
MSI GTX 1050 Ti single fan
Seagate 3.5 HD 7200
SSD Adata SU900 512gb
Fractal Design R3 Silent 120mm fan as intake (front panel).
Be Quite U9 400W ATX non modular PSU

Initially, i'm using intel stock cooler for the CPU, the idle temp is about 38c, and reached 80c in full load (using intel XTU Stress test).
Then i swap the stock cooler to Cyrorig C7, as results, it's very good on cut the full load temp to 67c, however i found it's strange in idle temp.
The idle temp is about 48c, which it is higher than my stock cooler have performed.

I know maybe it is not a big deal since it's still on the safe range of temp, but the fact of Cryorig C7 idle temp is higher than intel stock cooler is really bugging me :D
Should i change the fan curve in BIOS ?
or re-seat / re-apply the thermal paste again ?

One thing that probably need to mention is, my PSU fan orientation is facing down towards the CPU.
Maybe the PSU orientation become a factor? because of the intel stock cooler work as an exhaust, sucking the heat up from the heatsink,
and on the other hand, Cryorig C7 fan is work as intake, blowing the air to the heatsink (?)
I'm not quite sure, since i cannot found anyone talked about it (yet).

for your references;
-i live in tropical country (indonesia)
-i'm not sure about my actual room temp, but my room have an air con running on 24c.
-i use thermal paste that came along with C7

Please someone maybe can give me some input.
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Apr 28, 2013
Well it looks like it can be the reasons you mentioned, it can be orientation of the psu causing the idle temp difference between stock and the cryorig, loads temps are normal with the cooler.
You can increase the fan curve in your bios and check if theres a temp difference but then fan noise might get louder. Try an open air test, with everything outside the case where the cooler is not facing the psu to check what your idle temps are then. I dont think its the termal paste then you loads temps would have been higher too Well if it aint broke, dont fix it😁



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