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[SOLVED] I5 4690k 4,5Ghz bottleneck RTX 2080

Jun 20, 2018
I5 4690k 4,5Ghz bottleneck RTX 2080

Im playing 1440p @ 144hz

Max out everygame :

GPU running 70-80%
CPU running 95-100% all the time

Can not even watching youtube while playing game :(

Just wonder if i upgrade to 4770k or 4790k .... would it be better?`

Spec: I5 4690k, RTX 2080 , ram 8gb and psu 750w

thank you.

Thank you...
Jun 25, 2018
Hey I have just got a RTX 2080 and In BFV with RTX on at ultra I get only 30-40fps I tried reseting CMOS updated all drivers reinstalled them any ideas on whats up with my GPU?
I also have a liquid cooled i5 4690k 4.5ghz 2x8gb Kingston HyperX Beast Ram in single channel as dual channel doesnt work my monitor is black/off when I put it in dual channel.
In most games I tested I get on ultra 1080p from 30-40fps Games tested: Anthem, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Hitman 2, Far Cry New Dawn, BFV, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Shadow of the tomb raiderand Metro Exodus.
All these games run at ultra 1080p and I get from 30-40fps in all of the games my GPU usage is from 30-50 and power consumption around 20-35% CPU Usage is 95-100% But only In Metro I get from 60-80p with GPU and CPU usage from 85-95% on ultra 1080p with RTX on ultra.