i5 4690k bottleneck with rtx 2060

Feb 6, 2019
hi everyone, i have a i5 4690k with 2x4gb ram 1600Mhz and I bought rtx 2060,

will have a bottleneck? i play 1080p 60fps
I read that for 1080p there is no bottleneck
what do you think?
Naturally, faster CPUs will perhaps squeeze a few more FPS out of a 2060, but, if you were happy with framerates with your older GPU, you should now achieve more FPS and be able to use max details (the 2060 performs at 1070Ti levels!) if your old GPU was holding you back...

(4c/4thread CPUs are beginning to see some some struggling performance/stuttering for some folks, but not all, when very fast GPUs are used at 1080P, but since not going over 60 fps, you might be fine.)


The RTX 2060 is supposed to be the equivalent on the GTX 1070/1070 Ti. So, that CPU should be fine. Where you may run into minor issues, is in games that demand more than 4 threads. The CPU may be at 100% usage and the GPU not.
Feb 6, 2019

then it's fine previously I had a gtx 970


Nov 21, 2014
The concern of bottlenecking here and overall is largely unnecessary, lets assume that's the case with these specs, so the solution would be to add a less capable card, why? if you were to downgrade the GPU so that there's, technically speaking, no bottleneck at all, all you'd be getting is even less frames per second, you should only worry when your GPU is less than ideal, not when it's seemingly 'more capable' than the necessary.

if there was an imposing bottleneck to the point of having split second freezes or stuttering, your cpu was not adequate to play modern games just to being with, it isnt about the bottleneck.

go for the 2060


Open world games and multiplayer can give 4c CPUs a hard time. I agree with sizzling, having frame rates low means the CPU doesn't need to work harder pre-rendering as many frames.

Many if not all game benchmarks focus on geometry, there's not much else in the way of NPC's or multiplayer so there's no real grip on real world performance you would expect from those results. Many benchmark sites are using 1%/ 0.1% lows, i have a hard time seeking an explanation what those numbers actually represent, i know they're fps drops but what's causing it?. I looked at a video once from Nexus explaining those numbers but still couldn't get a definite answer. Is it high cpu usage causing those drops or something else? They don't know them selves it seems and those numbers are just observationary. Anyway, i drew up my own half bum conclusion those %'s results must be related to the cpu.

I like this video, have posted it many times. He explains well and nice to listen to imo. It's about how fps can affect a CPU's usage.