Question i5 4960k performing way below expectations.

May 1, 2020
So recently my CPU(the one in the title) which has been in my system for 5years has become very very bad since normally it would be able to run CS:GO at around med-high settings whilst having multiple youtube tabs open watching videos but its almost like after i got my 2nd monitor that the CPU has been wat underperforming. I have tried to test it without the other monitor but it still is way underperforming. Also when i am watching a youtube video it uses around 60-80% and lags a little now and then but about a week ago it wasn'øt lagging at all it was playing youtube perfectly.

My specs:
MSI Z87-G45 GAMING (MS-7821)
Intel Core i5-4690K
Nvidia GTX 970
Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 2TB
Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600 C9 2x4GB

My userbench benchmark:

P.S. everything in my PC was bought and installed in 2015.
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