Question i5 6500 Temperature

Oct 8, 2019
I have an i5 6500 and I usually get 30-35 c in idle but since it's getting colder around 24-30 lately. When gaming it's around 40-45 c are these normal? I use a stock cooler, going to be buying a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo to lower these temps but was just wondering if these are good or not. If any of you ask about the case it's an NZXT H500.
Your idle temperature tells me you mounted the stock cooler well.
Not always an easy thing to do.
Any temperature under 85c. under load is fine.
The processor will slow down or turn off if it reaches a dangerous temperature. That is around 100c.

The only reason for an aftermarket cooler might be to reduce cooler fan noise with a larger 120mm fan.
CM hyper212 is cheap and popular, but it is not one of the better choices.
As an experienced builder I found it difficult to mount properly.
I like the scythe kotetsu better.
Here is a review: