Question i5 7400 or RX 580 first?


Aug 31, 2013
Hey guys, im planning to upgrade my pc so that it can have more fps in gaming

My current system is
i3 6100
B150m mobo
Gtx 950 2g
8gb ram

Im thinking of upgrading my gpu to rx 580, but im really afraid that my cpu will having some bottleneck and cause major stutters in games like csgo and such.

My second option is to buy the i5 7400 first and gpu later, since gpu tends to release new products every year. Meanwhile, processors are getting rarer and rarer every year and im also afraid that it will be out of stock some year later. (In my country i5 7400 is already getting harder to find)

Your opinion will be very helpful!
CSGO is a CPU-bound game. If that is your main game I would get the CPU. The i5-7400 would be the minimum upgrade, I would try for something a little faster even if you have to buy a used CPU. At some point though, it would be cheaper to buy an H310 motherboard + i3-8100.
My choice is GPU, because if your GPU is slow, no matter how much your CPU is, the GPU will always be slow.
I would rather have a slower CPU over a slower GPU.
If you are maxxing out your GPU right now, then making it a faster CPU won't make your games run better.
If your GPU is upgraded, your cpu will run at 100% but you know that you will be getting the best you can from it, because the GPU can take it.

I hope that makes sense