Mar 3, 2012
Im new to this forum, I just recently installed an i5 750 that i got refurbished from novatech it had some scratches on the top. I am using the coolermaster hyper 212+ with antec thermal grease and my temps when surfing internet and transfering stuff to an external hdd is around 38-40c just wanted to know if this is normal. I had an i3 540 before and the temps were high 20's the thermal compound is cheap but i was in a hurry to install it. are these temps normal or could this be due to thermal compound.
Appreciate any help I can get
Those temps are not bad but could be a little better given the cooler you have installed. I got the i5 760 with a crappier cooler sitting around the same temps while running at 3.56ghz with turbo (base clocked at 162) so maybe looking into lapping the ihs will yield much improved temps. If not give a higher end thermal compound a try, some can improve temps by 7c average easily.