i5 7600 +gtx 1070 bottleneck?

The GTX 1070 is only going to get you 30-40FPS at 4K unless you're willing to play at low settings, and even then you'll probably cap out at the 50-60 range in most titles. Your CPU isn't going to hold your back in that situation. The only situation where you might face a CPU bottleneck is if you're running 1080p and you have a 144Hz monitor and want to get a locked 144FPS.


Jul 23, 2016
For 4k getting ryzen would be a better choice. If you look at benchmarks most only show the i5 vs r5 in 1080p (rigged?), but really ryzen outperforms and equals an i7 at 4k.

Ryzen really isn't better or worse at 4K, it's more at that resolution even the best GPUs available right now will cap out at around 60FPS in most current titles. 1080p comparisons are useful as it eliminates the GPU as a performance factor and illustrates the maximum performance a CPU can offer in a game. In practice you likely aren't buying a GTX 1080Ti or Titan XP to run games at 1080p resolution, but it is still a useful exercise as it can give you an idea of how your CPU will perform at higher resolutions when paired with future GPUs that are capable of delivering higher framerates at higher resolutions like 4K.
Can't quote on phone but JV1V1D your point doesn't make sense.

60fps @ 1080p uses the same CPU load as 60fps @ 4k when other settings are the same. The extra workload is on the gpu. Generally because higher resolutions run at lower fps the CPU load goes down when you compare the 2 resolutions on the same gpu.


Apr 10, 2012

Simply responding to OP question and going say Intel i5 7600 going be enough to not bottleneck 1070 at anyway.

You might even get a future Graphics card Gefroce GTX 3070 and you will not bottleneck .