i5 7600k overclocking - stock Vs 4.5 Vs 5 ghz

May 15, 2018
I have an i5 7600k and was wondering how far it is worth pushing my CPU.

I am able to hit 5 ghz comfortably, I used a dark rock pro 4 for cooling and it keeps it under 75 degrees with my current profile (I like to keep things as quiet as possible).

However it does hover around 50 degrees at idle beaches the fans spin so slow due to my profile.

This I think is too high to keep when idling when I like to take care of my components.

So to keep everything very cool and quiet at all times I might have to reduce to 4.5 GHz

Should I notice much of an impact on gaming or everyday computing use? Or should I just man up and take a noisier rig?

The rest of my components are:

Gtx 1070ti (custom Arctic acellero cooler)

MSI z270 tomahawk
16gb ram at 2400
Fractal design meshify c
2 are 120mm fans on front
1 rear and 1 top noctua 120mm pwm airflow fans.
I like to have my intakes as low as possible rpms cause the nzxt are fans make quite the racket.


Mar 16, 2018
i have a daily system for 4.5ghz, 6600k. i have tried 4.7 for benchmarks, but it was too hot for my cooler to cool.

i can see some gains in games with 5% to 10% after a 25% overclock. from 3.6 ghz to 4.5 ghz. but i assume the gain will be less from 4.5 to 5 (if they are linear). likely it's likely you will see 2-4% gain with a 10% additional overclock.

personally, i don't think the performance difference will be much from 4.5 to 5.0.