i5 8400 vs i7 8700 performance in gaming

Nov 16, 2018
So i'm planning to upgrade my CPU mainly for gaming. I will also be upgrading my board and getting 2x4gb ram at the least.

i'm stuck between getting the i5 8400 or i7 8700 (non-k). I have the GTX1060 6gb as my GPU now and was looking at assassin's creed odyssey benchmarks. I know my card isn't capable of 60fps with everything on ultra and the game but i'd be happy to see it maintain 60 atleast on medium. it

would i see a big difference between 2 cpus in FPS with a 1060 in CPU intensive games like this? i saw the i5 htting 100% usage at some point and wasnt sure if it actually affects FPS considering the benchmark i saw used a 1080ti . also, the i7 costs roughly $120 more than the i5 here in my country . would there be any better option also? Thanks!

You'd need a better GPU to see any real performance improvement with the i7 8700. With a GTX 1060 you would be entirely limited by the GPU with either CPU. AC: Odyssey does like lots of cores and threads, but I don't think the i7 is going to help much unless you had something more up in the 1080Ti range and was shooting for framerates higher than 60FPS.

You may want to get the 8400 or look at the R5 2600 instead, and use the saved money to get 16GB of RAM instead. 8GB is pretty much the bare minimum these days, and some games are starting to struggle a bit on only 8GB unless you are very aggressive about managing your memory and keeping background tasks to a minimum.


Jan 14, 2018

I would agree with pretty much everything he just said, BUT getting an R5 2600. An 8400 is perfect. You will need 16 gb of ram unless you religiously close literally everything else you have open.
If your monitor is 60hz, the 8400 is probably enough. It depends on game and game settings, but it's enough for 60+ FPS at that resolution with that card. The 8700 might add 10-40FPS, depending on the game, but with the 8400, you're already up at 60FPS most of the time.

The $120 saved could maybe allow for a Black Friday bargain 1070 if one comes up, and then you can game at max settings and drops below 60FPS will be a lot less.
Jan 11, 2014
Actually when it is come to gaming there no considerable difference between the two CPU's but if willing to do any editing, Run VMs, producing kind of stuff then my opinion is just go with the i7 or else if planing this entirely for gaming and everyday purposes then you should stick with that i5.

That extra $120 is not going earn you much in gaming.

You can put that on your RAM if don't have consider it yet then that would be much worth in gaming.