i5-8400 vs Ryzen 5 2600 for tight budget?

Sep 25, 2018
Hello, I've been reading a lot regarding the i5-8400 and r5-2600. Still I can't decide which one should i get. I will be mainly using this for gaming and a lot of compression and encoding works. I probably gonna change my theme after 6 months or a year after this purchase. My max budget is around 330 usd. I want to save as much as possible so I can buy my brother a 1050ti.

I already have these components:
Processor: -
CPU Cooler: Stock
Motherboard: -
Memory: HyperX 1x16gb 2400Mhz
GPU: Gigabyte AORUS 1070ti
HDD: WD 4.5 tb
SSD: Crucial 250gb
PSU: Seasonic 850 Focus Platinum

Typically, the Ryzen 2600 should win for my own use, hands down but my problem is that I'll be using a single stick of a 16gb 2400mhz HyperX memory. Would there be a lot of performance difference with that between the R5 2600 and i5 8400 using the one I mentioned?

Here are my options including their prices in my country:

  • Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI | 134.5 usd - I know this one have VRM issues like cooling and stability but I'm not gonna overclock. And the wifi included is a plus and probably I gonna retain this motherboard once I changed my theme.
    MSI B450 Tomahawk - 128.7 usd - When it comes to price/perfomance, I think this one is what I should get. My only problem here is I probably gonna replace it with MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC or the x470 one, once I decided to build a custom loop.
    Ryzen 5 2600 | 191.6 usd - I'll probably keep this, since a 6cores-12threads processor is enough for what I'm doing.

    TOTAL: 320.3-326.1 usd


    i5 8400 | 188.72 usd(new) - I can probably get a used one in very good condition at 145 usd but once I changed my theme, I probably gonna switch again to Ryzen build since i heard the AM4 will last until 2020.
    MSI or Gigabyte H310 motherboard | 67 usd - gonna replace once I change theme
    Asrock B360M Pro 4 | 85.45 usd - gonna replace once I change theme

    TOTAL: 212-274.17 usd
Thanks in advance.