Question I5 8600 non k upgrade to i5 9600k for gaming

Jun 20, 2019
hello, do you think its worth upgrading from i5 8600 non k to i5 9600K or Ryzen 3600 for gaming ? My gpu is 1080ti (which i might upgrade to 2080ti in future), gaming on 1440p 144hz screen. In both cases it would mean new cpu and mobo. Thank you
That would likely not warrant the trouble or expense for an increase of 300 MHz on peak turbo boost clocks; of course, if you had a buyer for your old processor, and, found a sale on the old one making it only a ~$20 expense for the entire upgrade...

Of course, the 9600K does not come with a cooler, and, I'd not particularly expect the cooler from the 8600 to be adequate, frankly...

If jumping to a 2080Ti (Ti is darned expensive!), then you'd want at least a 9700K, IMO...; and, with the 9900K only $70-$80 more....might as well go for it.
I generally don’t like the i5’s as some games can already max out or nearly max out all cores in high FPS situations. Going from a 8400 to 9600k doesn’t seem worth it. I’d say unless going 9700k/9900k the gains and future headroom are not worth the cost.

What motherboard do you have?