i5 8600k + gtx 1080 vs R5 1600 + gtx 1080 ti

Oct 6, 2017
if you had to choose between these 2 which one would u go for? and more importantly why?

A) gtx 1080 ti + R5 1600

Mobo: msi b350 pc mate = €82
Case: corsair 270r = €65
Hdd: 2tb seagate = €69
Psu: evga 650w b3 = €69
Ram: 2x8gb ram = €137
total= €1386

B) gtx 1080 + i5 8600k

Cpu Cooler + Mobo: msi z370 pc pro + cryorig h7 cooler = €162
Case: corsair carbide 400c white = €88
Hdd: 2tb seagate = €69
Psu: evga 650w b3 = €69
Ram: 2x8gb ram = €137

+ mouse and keyboard
total= €1379

with the ti build iìm stuck with my current shitty mouse and keyboard also the case of the build i'm not reallly in love with

the i5 8600k build costs 120$ less if better case, mouse and keyboard were left out

my question would be... is that +30% boost of the gtx 1080 ti worth the overall bit less balanced build?

and yeah i'm currently on a 1080p 60hz monitor bit this too will be upgraded later to a 1440p 144hz
What sort of monitor are you thinking of upgrading to? If you're getting a 4K monitor, I'd definitely go with the Ryzen + 1080 Ti. If you're going to get a high refresh rate monitor instead, you may be better off with the Intel build, although I think I'd still prefer the Ryzen build. Most games just tend to scale better with GPU power than CPU power, so the first build will nearly always outperform the 2nd build. And I believe AMD has said they'll support AM4 until 2020, so you should have an upgrade path if you do find yourself needing the extra CPU horsepower down the road.

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