Question i5 8600K very high temps?


Mar 21, 2015
Hello guys , i heavily believe that something is really off with my cpu temps , i have the Cpu under a phobya 360lt kit thats a 60mm fat rad!

My cpu is overclocked at 4.8ghz 1.30V , i get temps as high as 74c when playing csgo and in general it hits easily the 70s while i wanted it to be at 60s max at that voltage and such cooling. At 1.37v i can do 5.0ghz but then temps skyrockets to 85-90s!

From what i read a triple rad only for only the cpu is an overkill but yet i get such poor performance...

I have tried repasting the cpu and remounting the cpu block numerious times without success , so i was thinking if its phobyas kit fake (but materials seems solid) or somethings wrong with the cpu itself , more likely with the paste inside it.

Should i assume that this chip needs delidding?

PC Tailor

Remember that your ambient temperatures are incredibly important here, so what are they?
Standard testing protocol will test with ambient temperatures of around 22 degrees, so for every degree you are over this in your environment, you'll be a degree hotter, thus why your CPU cooler can operate differen at different times of the year.

What about air flow for the rest of your case? Are you sure there is not residual heat from your GPU etc. causing a heat issue?

As for your actual temperatures, as long as it stays below 85 degrees, you're fine. Below 85 is recommended, but below 80 is ideal to maximise the longevity of your CPU.

Also remember not all CPUs overclock alike, you may just find you are hitting your limit with overclocking.
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