[SOLVED] i5 8600k vs ryzen 5 2600x

Jan 3, 2019
Recently I was thinking of upgrading my CPU. I can't really decide which one to chose. I mainly game and don't stream neither I edit anything. So while gaming Intel would give me 5-15 extra frames. But ryzen would be better for everything else which I don't do as much (editing and any other work with files and multitasking) and would be easier to upgrade later. Which one should I go for?
P.S I am not really a computer expert


Here's the thing Intel gives more frames when paired with something like a 2080... The AMD setup is usually cheaper enough to allow one tier higher graphics card for the same money. So if on any sort of budget that doesn't exceed $1500 or maybe more you can usually actually get more frames (or higher graphics settings with AMD than Intel
Intel is better for gaming, there is no doubt about that. But they cost more too. The 8600k will need a CPU cooler and will need a z mobo to take advantage of overclocking. So that will be even more expensive.

While the Intel CPUs are better for gaming, they are not that much better. If I were you I would look at the 2600. It is a very good CPU that will be cheaper than the 8600k that comes with a good stock cooler. It will get a few frames less than an Intel CPU, but will save you some money. The 8600k will get about 10% better frames, but could cost almost twice as much more after you figure in the extra cost of the CPU, aftermarket cooler, and more expensive mobo.

Use the money you save on the CPU and get a better GPU. The GPU is what you should build a gaming system around.