Question i5-9400 or Ryzen 5 3400G?


Nov 26, 2014
Hey there!

I'm planning to get an ASRock DeskMini for small level server uses like video rendering and game server hosting, so I can free up a gaming laptop for my normal use. It's size makes it very desirable for my work, as I can bring it with my travels if I ever need it. It's a great compromise, smaller than a laptop but just enough hardware that I need as a server. There's two options really, the Intel 310 or the AMD A300. The way the DeskMinis are set up means they have a limit to CPU support; it only has a TDP of 65W.

For the AMD A300, the 3400G was best the motherboard could support. It's 4 cores which is pretty standard, but has hyperthreading which is now top-of-the-line only for Intel. It's base clock is pretty good too.

For the Intel 310, the i5-9400 is the best contender price-wise (More details to follow below) to the 3400G. It has no hyperthreading, but a really nice 6 physical core. It does however have a lower base clock (But about the same boost clock).

When adding supported memory and storage into account, the AMD option is cheaper. However, it has been noted that the AMD stock cooler will not fit the DeskMini, requiring another cooler. SFF coolers aren't exactly cheap too. Taking all the costs into account, the Intel option is only slightly more pricey. Newegg also sells the Intel 310 version with WiFi kit to my country, whereas the AMD A300 version isn't shipping to my country from Newegg, but is available on my country for the same price, but without WiFi kit. All of this falls in a nice little budget of below 500 dollars.

Performance wise, Userbenchmark gives the i5-9400 a slight edge. But I'm skeptical, since I'm not really using it for gaming. It's also worth noting that the Intel 310 accepts even i9 processors, meaning there is headroom for CPU upgrades.

In the end, what really matters to me is computing performance, and not gaming (Which is also what AMD is known to be good at for it's APU). I'd like to be able to host game servers mostly and maybe edit photos from time to time. I just want something to take load off my gaming laptop. I'm really torn between the AMD higher base clock and HT to the Intel 6 cores.

Does anyone have any experience with either or are in a good position to advise?



Sep 25, 2019
Go with intel, mostly because there isn't really much of a difference between the two in mutli-threaded performance but with the intel board having the option to upgrade the CPU you'll be able to upgrade performance sooner or later.


Aug 4, 2019
mmmm I think either of those will probably work around the same level, but Intel have quick sync which is great for video editing (as long as the software have support for it).

But theres one thing that makes some noise in the OP, you said the DeskMini only support up to 65W TDP CPU, which is a really lame value to use cause Intel and AMD measure TDP in diferent ways, so I don't see how are you gona be able to put a Core i9 there, if not even Core i7 should be used? Perhaps youre confusing 8th/9th gen Intels cpu with the Core i9?

Also mini itx cases are great for transpot and moving around, but be carefull with Core i5 stock cooler, just because it may fit inside the case, it does not mean it will keep the CPU temps under control in such a small enviroment. You may end up buying an aftermarket cooler anyways.