Question i5-9400f - graphics driver

Mar 8, 2020
Hello guys, I'm going to build my first pc soon! But I've a doubt about the CPU.
The Intel i5-9400f doesn't have an iGPU and needs a dedicated graphics card. Indeed I'm going to build my pc with: i5-9400f, GTX 1660, Z390(MOBO), etc.. but there's a problem nobody couldn't answer me.
To get the monitor output I must use a dedicated graphics card, but the problem is: To install the GPU drivers(GTX 1660) i must install windows, but to install windows i need those drivers already installed! Therefore the monitor screen will be always black! What can I do? or the gpu drivers will be automatically installed in the motherboard on the first boot?! Please reply this thread as soon as possible, thanks in advance!
Not to worry.
All graphics cards have a default low res mode that works without any driver at all.

That is sufficient to see the bios and run windows.
To get support for full resolution, you can then install the necessary driver.



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