Question i5 9600k best overclock?


Well, that is terrible for a stock 9600k...should run at 4.6ghz pretty easily by default. 3.7Ghz is the base clock.

Without knowing your cooling solution, can't begin to guess.

Every CPU is different. You may be lucky and not require a too much voltage to reach say 5Ghz all cores, but you might not. Voltage and temperature scale with each other, at some point you will hit a limit with one of them.
Certainly not all liquid coolers are equal....

Little tiny radiators (some 120 mm units) can often be overwhelmed as fluid heats up over time....

Try 4.5-4.6 GHz all core initially, see what your temps lok like prior to worrying about higher clock speeds. (Most people have mid-range GPUs capping their FPS anyway....)

Intel's XTU makes it very easy to jump upward in 100 MHz increments, allowing most things to be altered that would normally be done in BIOS, yet, in the event of instability, everything is set back to defaults making it fairly safe to tinker....