i5 9600k, i7 9700k, or Ryzen 7 2700x for 1070 Ti?

Dec 25, 2018
I recently got a 1070 ti for my pc. I quickly noticed that my cpu is greatly bottlenecking my gpu. I have a i5 7400. I am going to ask for a new cpu for my birthday soon and I am torn between 3 choices: i5 9600k, i7 9700k, or Ryzen 7 2700x. I am not worried about the extra cost of the motherboard from switching to Ryzen because I will need a new mobo for any of these motherboards. Which will be the most worth cpu that will last me 2-3 years? Side note: I use my pc for gaming but I do record YouTube videos and steam occasionally.
1. you need new H/B/Z 3xx MB to support 8th and 9th gen Intel, your current 2xx or 1xx MB can not boot 8th/9th gen.
2. you need extra cooler for those hot chips if you are using Intel stock cooler atm.
3. Budget on the upgrades and current specs pls?