Question I5 9600K Overclocking

Aug 11, 2019
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Hi guys i hope someone of you have a better knowledge with overclocking than me and my friends.Yesterday I bought the i5 9600k and motherboard msi z390 a pro i put the macho rev b coller(Everything i bought new) to it and i oc it to 4.8 with 1.185v, and almost everyone of my friend telling my this voltage is to low and it will kill my cpu.And i have hard mind [watch your language] cuz i know if the voltage is lower thats mean the cpu temps are lower to so how it can harm my cpu?.I tested it with 1,5h prime95 and its max 75 degrees.In games like bf5,apex,total war three kingdom its max 65 degrees It is ok?If not tell me why and please suggest new oc setings.
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Yeah your friend doesn't know what he's talking about, there is no such thing as too low of a voltage that can kill your chip.

You seem good, but your stress tests are no where near good enough. You'll want to stress test with Prime95 Blend for at least 8 hours, then I suggest another day and run OCCT large data set for another 8 hours.

That is a very good voltage if that is stable, you've got plenty of temperature and voltage headroom. You'll want to stay below 1.35v on vcore and 78Cish on temps.