I5 and SSD or i7 and HDD>


Sep 23, 2012
Ok well the thing is, I already ordered this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148591

Its a hybrid drive and has more then enough storage for me.

I`ll be using a 7950 3GB with 16GB DDR 1600RAM

Now, the i5 3570k is running at 220 or so on newegg

And the i7 3770k at 290

I can get an i5 with a 70$ SSD, or just get an i7

I ask this because note this:

I already have storage, and I`m not returning it, and I like to multi-task and abuse my PC with the shear amount of stuff thats running on it at once. Any thoughts? Oh ps I`ll be doing tons of rendering.


May 14, 2014
That's a lie, DONT BUY I7!!!!!!!!!!!! I would go with i5 + SSD.. PC mkt is shifting fast, you cant bring your superior I7 CPU to your future laptop, since its impossible to install/switch CPU yourself, but you sure can switch your SSD everywhere. Also if you can switch yr CPU (consider you as a computer engineer) when you purchase your future laptop you also have to purchase a default CPU(probably i5 if you want other specs above average), compare to ditch your default CPU, switch your HDD to SSD should always be your ideal choice!!! Ohh,, have I mentioned SSD should consider drop its price each year, at 5/14/14 you only need 378USD to get SAMSUNG 840 PRO 512 Gb ON AMAZON, IT'S SO FAR THE BEST SSD IN THE MKT, WITH 5 YEAR WARRANTY!! People always say ANY WINDOWS 8 WITH 840 pro+i5 is better than any macbook air (since it is too thin to install 840 PRO SSD)!!