Question i7-10700K only running at 4.7 with 1 active core

Aug 8, 2020
ASUS Prime Z490-A, BIOS current at version 0607, Single thread test (Passmark single thread) XTU reports 4.7, 1 Core active, package temp max 56, core TDP max 37, vCore max 1.30, all throttling types: No. CPU-Z concurs on the 47x. Cooler is a D-14, mobo cooler score 163 which is a good score.

ASUS Multicore Enhancement Enabled/Disabled/Auto makes no difference. Turbo set to be on a core usage basis. Core Ratios set to 51, 51, 51, Auto for 4 through 8. PL1 Auto:4095 Watt, Tau Auto:56 Sec, PL2 Auto:4095, (all mobo defaults). Onboard CPU overvolt jumper OFF (default).

My game (DCS with Rift-S) has 3 threads. I am expecting 5.0-5.1 STOCK. Trying to understand this before any overclocking.


Was this a fresh install, with all chipset drivers installed?

Although your game may only have/use 3 threads, Windows will utilize all cores for both the game and any housekeeping/file sync/storage sync tasks it feels like doing in the middle of the game, so, I'd set your desired multiplier to be used for cores 4-8 as well....

I'd suspect stock operation at 4.7 GHz all-core operation would be more than enough unless playing with a 2080 SUper or Ti and with a 144 Hz monitor...

Certainly, trying MCE-enabled sustained all-core turbo action at 5.0-5.1 GHz will likely be unrealistic with just an NH-D15, but, you can try upping your steps 100 MHz at a time until temps are above 78C or so... (you will have to disable assorted safety/power limits, duration limits, etc...