Discussion I7 10875h vs ryzen 7 4800h vs ryzen 5 4600h (please help me decide)


Aug 24, 2018
Hello gamers. Please help me, i am tired of searching and waiting for new laptops.
I try to decide on a good reliable laptop. The options i have are as follows:

1) an Asus ROG Strix SCAR 15 G532LV (i7 10875h/5.1 ghz, 16 gb 3200 mhz ram but ofc it will only use it up to 2933 mhz, 240hz display/300 nits, per key ilumination, 66 whr battery, 3 venting holes, 1467 $ + another 25 for a camera);

2) a Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05H (ryzen 5 4600h/4 ghz, 8gb 3200mhz ram, 80whr battery, normal 4 zone rgb keyboard, 4 venting holes, 120 hz display/250 nits 1010 $ + another 50 for 8 more gb of ram)

3) an HP OMEN 15-en0014nq (ryzen 7 4800h, 71 wh battery, 144 mhz/300 nits display, 16 gb 3200 mhz ram, 3 venting holes, 4 zone rgb keyboard, 1467 $)

////////all 3 laptops have rtx 2060 (but i don.t know wich one has the 80_90 w variant)/////////

×××××The main reason for getting a new laptop is to work faster in Unreal Engine 4, this is what i need it for××××*.
I was initially searching for a r7 4800h + rtx 2060 laptop.

The asus rog strix tends to get really hot with that cpu, not only because its an old 14nm process, but iy also features only 3 venting holes. The 5.1 ghz is a good addition tough, compared to the 4.4 ghz of the r7. My roomate let me play with his normal asus rog strix (i7 10875h, 144hz display, variant); he only had red dead redemption 2 installed, wich kept the temps at 83+ celsius, reaching 93 sometimes, i even lowered the graphics, and the temp barely stabilised at 70-80 degrew when i limitted the frames to 30. Are the asus rog strix scar laptops reliable? Is it worth getring this laptop if i have to limit the clock spedd and undervolt the cpu to make it last more than 3 years ? This could be the perfect option, if it wasn.t for that cpu temp, but what is yiur experience regarding intel cpus work speed in unreal engine compared to ryzen? This is the best option dor the overall components, brand, and good looks.

The lenovo is the cheapest option and it will surelly get the job done for gaming, with even lower temps i assume. But i am not so sure about the work speed when i have to work in unreal engine. That 2 cores leaa on the r5 will affect the compilling and lighting building times. I am also not sure if unreal needs a higher core clock speed, but i know that it needs more cores for faster lighting building. Altough not as fast as intel i7 10875 or r7 4800h, this one might last longer because of the lower temps od the r5 and better colling. What is your experince rwgarding lenovo laptopa in terms of longevity and colling solution? This is the best option for the money.

If i pay this much i want it to be reliable as well and keep it for 4+ years, so the HP option, altough being the best option for the components, is very hard for me to chose because i hear a lot about hp unreliable laptops. This is the best option for the components tough. What is your experience regarding hp omen laptops?

I really want to hear your opinion on an all arounder in terms of performance and longevity. I don.t really care about good gameplay. For me 30-60 fps at low-medium settingsband 70-80 celsius is enought as long as i can play the game.


Oct 3, 2012
The RTX 2060 mobile isn't a really future proof video card. Keep in mind, its been on the market for near 3+ years.
The i7 10875 is slightly faster than the 4800 as well, but like you mentioned the 4800 will run cooler. There's hardly a difference in performance between the two processors.

As far as cooling goes, there are a lot of variables and its mostly dependent on the OEM's cooling software and its specific cooling design. ASUS has armory crate, ACER has Nitro cooling, HP has turbo cool, etc. I would buy a KoolTek laptop cooler as well just so your laptop has a good base of airflow which will help with the cooling.

If youre looking to get an RTX 2060 build, I'd rather save the money and look into some of the RTX 30's build which is not by much. Granted its more expensive, but the hardware will be more future proof, as that seems to be a concern of yours. I don't think the RTX 20's notebook are really worth the money right now, especially with the 30's being on the market.
Do you need a laptop for portability?
If not, you will do better with a desktop.

I see many complaints about gaming laptops not performing well.
Usually gaming while plugged in.
One common cause is thermal throttling.
Laptop coolers must, of necessity be small and light.
They are also relatively underpowered.
For that reason, I would not focus too much on graphics which tends to get hot.
If you do get into a throttling situation, setting the max cpu % in windows to 99% from 100% seems to do the job.

for gaming on a laptop, I would look particularly at the monitor.
Look for one with good brightness. 17" might be better.
I have had good experience with lenovo laptops.
Sales are common, and you can usually select the configuration you want.
They charge a hefty price for upgrades.
But, if you order minimum ram and drive, you can do the upgrade yourself for half the cost.

Look at the lenovo thinkpad extreme units if you need light weight.
I love the keyboard.
They come with GTX1650ti graphics.