Question I7-11700k 100c temps after I re-applied paste ?


Jan 19, 2013
So I have a i7-11700k and a EK basic 240mm AIO. I was using the pre-applied paste that it came with, and my temps were ok, but hot. I was getting into the 90s @ 4.5ghz on handbrake and this made me a bit jumpy. So I decided to reapply the paste with some thermal grizzly I had. Now when I do handbrake every temp instantly jumps to 100c and stays there. I tried re-applying the paste 4 times and I made sure it was spread on well and the pressure of the mount was good, but to no avail. I felt the pump and it's running, etc. I have no idea what to do.

My thermal paste is from December 2019, idk if that makes a difference or not, but I did notice when I checked the paste it looked really weird and blotchy. ... Is this a sign it's bad paste? Does anyone have any ideas? I just built this rig a month or two ago, and Im panicking at this point.

This is what the paste looks like after I applied a generous amount to it, tested it for 5 minutes then took another look at it:

this is what the paste looks like after I applied a generous amount to it, tested it for 5 minutes and went back to it


Some of the Z series mobos are applying more voltage than usual on auto. They normally use more than necessary by default, but some are doing even worse than that.
Like, the other day, there was a user with a 10700KF, I believe? Anyway, they were seeing the cpu request over 1.4v both in Blender and CoD: Warzone. That is not normal under heavier loads.
Do you know how to apply a negative voltage offset to your cpu Vcore in bios?

Is the paste Kryonaut?
1)You're supposed to spread the paste manually to cover the entire IHS.
2)At one point there were fake batches of Kryonaut in the mix - they might even be out there still. TG started including certificates that buyers could use online to confirm it was legit.
Did yours come with one?