Question i7 11700k tempratures

Oct 10, 2021
Hi everyone. I bought an intel i7 11700k a while ago and an Arctic liquid freezer 280 . I tried a lot of solutions but the CPU idle is at 50C.

When I play some games it goes up to 75C and on some games such as battlefield 2042 it rises up to 88C.

I wonder if everything is normal or not.


-I'm using the thermal paste that came with the cooler. Some people did recommend using grizzly thermal paste but I haven't done it yet.
-My cooler is top-mounted as an exhaust.
-The last thing I can say is I'm using NZXT H710 Case.

Extra info of the system:
RAM 16 GB 3600Mhz
2 SSDs and 1 HDD.


Mar 11, 2022
Hi. Looking at your temperatures, I do think there is an issue somewhere, considering I have literally seen better results with a 12700k and a 40€ air cooler. However, better thermal paste isn't necessarily the solution here, I would check other things first. Thermal paste doesn't make such a huge difference normally, they often are less than 5°C apart in performance and that won't solve your issue.

First question, however, is, are those maximum values, or averages? If the former, what are the averages?
Second question. I'm not an expert on AIOs since I don't like and neither use them, but looking around this forum, what is your pump set to? Most recommend setting the pump to 100% speed. Then, and this plays into both of the above questions, what are your fans set to? You can try to tighten the fan curve if the pump is already set to 100%.
Third question, if all of the above is fine. Under load, do you feel a difference in temperature when touching the tubes coming out of the pump block? If one of them is warm and the other cool, it would indicate weak to no flow and thus an issue with your AIO (air in the pump, sediment in the system, etc).
Fourth question, is the pump sitting tight on the CPU?

Only if the above is all fine would I go and take off the cooler. Something else to consider is, you are using you AIO as an exhaust, meaning it's sucking in pre-heated air. This leads to higher temperatures as well. If possible, I would use them as an intake, best in the front of the case if possible.

Edit: looking at your case, it should be possible.


I think your temps are ok.
Do not worry too much about temperatures.
Modern processors monitor their temperatures and will throttle or shut off if it detects a dangerous temperature.
That is about 100c.
If your cpu cooler is running about 10-15c. over ambient at idle, your cooler is functioning and mounted well.
Your slightly higher cpu temperatures are a result of the catch 22 aio conundrum,
Mounting the radiator as exhaust makes it use warmed case air as a starting point for cooling.
OTOH, mounting the radiator to take in fresh air results in better cpu cooling at the expense of supplying warmed air to the gpu and motherboard coolers.

Opinions abound on the merits of different pastes.
Most anything works ok and difference are in only a few degrees c.
If anything, using too much paste is a bigger problem.
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