Question I7 11700k too hot ?

Jul 22, 2022
So i have build my pc and now its running around 80 to 85 °C and spiking to around 92 is while gaming that too much or is it going to damage it :)
but when i ran cinebench multicore it instantly whent to like 99 °C

Case: NZXT H510 Elite
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B560-F GAMING WIFI
Cpu: i7 11700k
Cpu cooler: Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth
Gpu rtx 3060
It is within specifications for the CPU.

But that may not make you feel better. If you are worrying about it, you have to decide if you would pay X dollars to reduce your worry.

And you can factor in "heat is damaging and will reduce the lifespan of components". That might make you worry even more....if you pay attention to it.

Or you can decide not to worry so much.

What are your idle temps?

What is your case fan setup?

Do you run Cinebench a lot?
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Mar 14, 2017
The fact its spiking to 99 in cinabench is a bit concerning, you may want to make sure your CPU cooler is properly installed and you have enough thermal paste considering your cooler is pretty beefy, also what is your case fan configuration like?
Idle temps at least 50.

That is a 120 dollar dual tower cooler that has 2 140 mm fans:

Without more info, I'd suspect something is wrong...possibly with the mounting?

But I have no knowledge of your case. It may be horrible...or fabulous. With 4 case fans, you'd hope it would be at least average for cooling purposes.

What info can you get about fan RPMs out of the BIOS?
nono they can spin faster but when it is in standard they spin like that but if i set it to max they spin like this
What does max CPU fan speed do to temperatures?

It's a tradeoff between temperatures, noise, and your level of anxiety.

If you are highly worried, run all fans at maximum all the time. If still worried and your CPU cooler is mounted correctly, be prepared to spend some money.


H510 series(excluding Flow) is popular for it's looks and overall build quality. Airflow was an afterthought.
It's also a negative pressure case, which front fans don't really help with - contrary to some suggesting front fans should be a necessity, there's thermal tests HERE and THERE showing how ineffective - and sometimes even detrimental - they are for cpu and gpu coolers.

Don't run Cinebench R23 on auto voltage - that almost always looks bad.

Can you take some pics of the case interior - please, PLEASE remove the side glass panel before taking them.
Then, upload the images through an image hosting site, like