Question I7 11700KF high voltage

May 2, 2023
got and I7 11700KF
and Asus Z590-F wifi motherboard
bios on auto mode.
when i play games or load cpu stress test can see sometimes in HWinfo that the cpu max voltage was 1.5v and above.
not long ago it was 1.628v and its make me uncomfortable even if its just for a moment.
the average voltage after 8 hours of gameplay was 1.3v .
the temperatures runs between 26-31 windows use and 60-68C in games and stresses.
the question is it safe for gen 11 to use so high voltage to stable 5.0ghz on auto mode ?

thanks for any advise.
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The VID voltage is not the same as the actual voltage going to the CPU. When using HWiNFO, have a look for the VCore voltage.

If you see a big VCore number and you are not comfortable with that, I would adjust the load line calibration settings to reduce voltage spikes. You can also use a negative offset voltage.

Your temperatures are OK so your CPU will likely live a very long life even if you leave the voltages as is.
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