I7 2600+GTX 560Ti against i5 2500+GTX 560 Ti ... Which is better ?


Apr 30, 2007
Hi all

For a gamer , with 19 inch LCD which option do you find better

1)i5 2500 + GTX 570 ?


2)i7 2600 + GTX 560 Ti ?

If the rest is exactly the same ....
P67 Gigabyte
8Gb 1600MHz DDR3
700 Watt good PSU..
by the way no overclocking intention or SLI....
+1 ^

2600k is barely more powerful than the 2500k, and in gaming there is nothing the extra cost of the 2600k will do for you. 2600k will shine when you are using true multi-threaded programs such as HD Video rendering and the such.

You will however see a performance boost in the 570 vs 560ti.

So, definitely go for the 2500k and 570